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Adopt a pet from the Orangeville Shelter

Are you pondering on adding a pet to your household? If yes, consider pet adoption from a pets' shelter as the best cause of action. When you adopt a pet from the Orangeville Shelter, you will go through a seamless adoption process ensuring you get your preferred pet much faster.

The following are top reasons why you should consider adopting a pet from pet shelter:

Save a life – imagine around 2.69 million pets are put to death, though humanely, in the U.S. each year. Why is that? The shelters welcome very many pets but only a few of them get new homes because very few people consider pet adoption when looking for a pet. However, that can all change if more people were to adopt pets and free up the pet shelters' space.

Better chances of getting a great pet – in almost all the pet shelters, you find many pets so; it is hard to miss one that you will fall in love with. Some pets are already well trained and healthy but may end up there because of factors beyond their control. For example, divorce, the death of their caretaker among others.

Costs less – as indicated earlier, the pet that you adopt may already be trained, vaccinated etc. meaning that your pet will be less expensive. Usually, these costs are included during adoption. Depending on the pet that you adopt, you may not need to incur extra costs associated with the maintenance of a pet.

It feels great – just imagine getting that selfie with your adopted pet, posting it for friends to see and waiting for the likes to start rolling in — quite a thrill for sure. More so, adopting an adult pet that is already trained means that you will start enjoying it right away.

Taking the fight to the pet mills – pet mills are breeding facilities that sell pets for profits. How do they differ from pet shelters? For pet mills, the profits come first instead of the welfare of the pets but for pet shelters, it is vice versa. In addition, pet mills usually house pets in poor conditions without offering proper medical care leading to pets with troubling behaviors.

Worse still, the pets being bred are kept in cages all the time without human companionship and once they stop making money they are either sold, abandoned or killed. To say no to these mistreatments, more people should adopt pets instead of buying from them.

Great for your health – pets give you an unconditional love while also providing emotional and psychological benefits. When you have a pet, you will experience less loneliness and have a sense of fulfillment and purpose. However, things only get better when you adopt because you will start feeling proud of yourself right away.

It is easy – in a pet shelter, you can find a pet of your choice easily. How so? Usually, there is a wide range of pets in pet shelters' depending on breed, temperament, color, and size. Thus, it is almost impossible not to find a pet that will make you happy.

Bottom line – from the above discussion, it is evident that pet adoption rocks. Why? both you and the pet benefit. When you adopt a pet from a pet shelter, you save that pet from untimely demise, free up room for other stray pets, save on costs, and get unconditional love and so much more. Adopt a pet from the Orangeville Shelter today and you will never regret that decision.

650 Riddell Road Orangeville, Ontario L9W 5G5
Phone: (519) 942-3140

Adoption Hours:
Monday to Friday 10 AM to 4:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday 10 AM to 3 PM

Adopt a pet from the Orangeville Shelter
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